Robert Gozon


Teacher, father,

chordseeker, harmonyfinder,

Progrock encyclopedia

serious comedian


Singer, Keyboards, Lyrics









Robert Stein-Holzheim


Lover, truthseeker,

clearthinker, straight to the heart speaker

Odd rhythm fever

thru all times keeper


Drums, Lyrics              







Michael Sommerfeld


Silenced by will

holy sounds emerge

not yet heard of

but felt already

melody - is all within


Guitars, Guitars, Guitars






Thomas Klarmann


Dreamer, feeler,

fine and subtle

golden heart retriever


Bass, Flute








Live with a little help from our Friends:

Thilo Brauß

Youngblood, soundwarrior

organ mistreater

makes us happy with us feeler


Organ & Additional Keyboards live













Norbert ‚Poden’ Podien

Advocat of understanding

musician from the heart

ears to hear the differences

that make the difference

Live mixing & sound advice