Life is a SUPERDRAMA. This planet is insane. Its population as a whole is behaving as if it were an auto-aggressive compulsive hoarder. At the same time, the beauty, complexity and aesthetics of this world are breathtaking.

The lack of love and consciousness with all their consequences as well as the resulting pain for billions of people...unbearable.

In the middle of it: us, each one apart.

At the mercy of destruction, pain and transitoriness, the yearning and remembrance of freedom, love and redemption beyond all physical existence lives in each of us.
And even those, who are told by their minds that such a reality beyond the material world is just a phantasm
,    find solace, peace, strength and the warm feeling of eternity in the ceaselessly resounding rooms, harmonies  and melodies of music.

As artists we perceive the world in a particularly intensive way and we are grateful to receive and express music in our special human condition in which all of this is resonating.

Welcome to the SUPERDRAMA, enjoy!