Who, where from, how, why, what for .... who wants to know that?

SUPERDRAMA was founded in 2004 by Robert Gozon, teacher, composer, singer and keyboarder from Mainz, Germany and communications expert and drummer TheDoctor (Robert Stein-Holzheim) as Noble Effort. The idea behind the name: it was indeed a 'noble effort' to establish an ambitious music-art-project despite familial and job-related involvements.

After a few re-shuffles in their first year the basic line-up was eventually found.

Thomas Klarmann, bassist and flutist with versatile musical experiences and Michael Hahn, an exceptionally melodious guitarist (and great silent man) joined the group.

The style was further developed, abandoning the classic verse/chorus song writing structures and moving towards complex musical narration consistent with lyrical themes about our human existence - what is this about? Whither do we die? How can we live in real connection?

After the orgiastic finale of a song during a rehearsal someone said: “So we can just call ourselves Superdrama, then!” So it happened. Some things just occur.


SUPERDRAMA - Symphonic Rock

Superdrama stands in the tradition of seventies band such as Yes, Genesis and King Crimson.

Superdrama opens up the vast inner stage in which both the human and the comical can be found. From ascent to fall, going round in circles, once tenderly, then more powerfully, the compositions move our souls.

Intensity and profoundness, but also humour and lightness determine the atmospheres that the music guides you through.

Complex rhythms and pending harmonies invite you to take off; stories will be experienced, tensions relieved and dissolved in (super-) dramatic climaxes.


Some questions never grow old

In our lyrics are embedded the pain, the fascination, the fulfilment and all the nagging questions that most people only ask on the quiet and for themselves, because the answers could be too shocking...

Where are we from? Why are we here at all? Is there anything special to do or something that is 'right'? What is good, what evil? Does that even exist? In which category are we supposed to be thinking then? Or does it not matter? Where are we going? Or are we extinguished like candles, and nothing remains? What is it all for then? Why is the cosmos so incredibly huge? Where are the others? Or, as Ally's father already said so beautifully in CONTACT: „If there was no one - wouldn't that be an aweful waste of space?“ Why is is so difficult to preserve our natural habitats when actually everyone agrees? What is the human being, how are YOU meant? Some questions never grow old...

It is something special to exist at all. Only a few people are aware of this. The chance of a lifetime in the matter is a gift, even though and just because it does not look like that. We do not have a chance to 'win' this life - let us seize it then!